Industry Specific Financial Modelling

Industry Specific Financial Modelling




Industry Specific Financial Modelling

Real Estate

  • Concept behind the model

  • Understand, develop and practice the real estate development financial model from scratch, including Pre-Construction, Construction Period and Post-Construction.

    • Key assumptions
    • Operating model
    • Sensitivity analysis
    • Site Development
    • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) Model
    • Operate and Improve Existing Properties
    • Develop new Properties
    • Acquiring/Disposing Properties
    • Property Renovation
    • Real Estate Portfolio Management
  • Valuation modelling

    • Metrics and Multiples


Oil and Gas

  • Understand how the Oil & Gas industry works

    • Introduction to Upstream, Midstream and Downstream
  • Learn how to develop a model from scratch of an upstream company, from an annual report

    • Including depleting reserves concept
    • Proved, Possible and Probable Reserves
  • Debt/Equity financing for oil projects

  • Build models based on multiple scenarios for international commodity prices, including key assumptions and sensitivity analysis

  • Overview of accounting standards applicable to Oil and gas industry

    • Successful efforts and Full costs
  • Valuation modelling of oil and gas companies

    • Multiples
    • DCF
    • Leverage Buyouts
    • Mergers and Acquisition


Financial Institutions

  • Concepts and terminologies

    • Interest bearing assets and liabilities
    • Spreads
    • Discount
    • Regulatory capital requirements
  • How to study annual report of a financial institution, and determine the ways of revenue streams.

  • Build from scratch a 3 statement financial model with key assumptions, and sensitivity analysis

    • Calculation of provisions for credit/loan losses
    • Projecting revenue, costs, bank loans and bank deposits
  • Valuation for Financial Institutions

    • Multiples for Financial Institutions/Industry Specific



  • Business undergrads and MBA’s
  • Investment Banking analysts and associates
  • Private Equity, Hedge Fund and Venture Capital professioanls
  • Equity Research and Asset Wealth Management professioanls
  • Corporate Finance and Business Development professionals
  • Strategy Consultants & Entrepreneurs
  • Career changers and industry professionals who want to hone their modeling skills



Course Objectives

After this course student will:

  • Design and Prepare Financial Models for different companies/scenarios
  • Automate financial processes in any organization
  • Reduce gap between educational world vs. Industry Practices
  • Add value immediately to any institution
  • Build efficient financial models and templates
  • Complete ad hoc queries and resolve most financial problems in the office via excel

Each class is limited to 15 students and available on a first-come, first-served basis.




Each program consists of a 144-hour class, offered over 3 months, with a 6 hour class on weekend (Saturday and Sunday)  offered in Karachi, Pakistan.




  • Onsite pricing: PKR21,000 per Attendee (reduced to PKR19,500 if full payment is made five working days before the training date)Offsite pricing: 35,000 per Attendee (reduced to PKR27,000 for a group of 5 company employees)



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