Fixed Income & FX Trading

Fixed Income & FX Trading



Fixed Income & FX Trading

The Most In-depth and detailed Fixed Income & FX Trading available on the market offered by Industry Professionals with decades of experience.


At the end of this course, participants would be able to:

  • Analyze interest rates and how its influence Fixed Income Securities
  • Spot Rate & Forward Rates
  • Forward Pricing/Rate Model
  • Active Portfolio Management
  • Riding the Yield Curve
  • ZED/TED Spreads
  • Theories in Money Markets
  • Monte Carlo Forward-rate simulations/Application
  • Effects of Interest rate in Money Market Instruments
  • Forecasting Exchange rate
  • Currency Contracts and its types

Course Duration, Investment & Timings

  • Total Duration: 12 Hours


For Registration, Contact
Call: +92 346 5482 657
Call: +92 332 0231 797


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