Capital Markets in Pakistan

Capital Markets in Pakistan



Capital Markets in Pakistan

The Most In-depth and detailed Capital Markets in Pakistan Training available on the market offered by Industry Professionals with decades of experience.


At the end of this course, participants would be able to:

  • Analyze the Fundamentals that impact Stock Market
  • How interest rates influence Fixed Income Securities
  • Reasons behind volatility in FX Market
  • Underlying Risk & Returns in Financial Markets
  • Functions of the Financial System
  • Classification of assets and markets
  • Currencies and types of Contracts in Financial Markets
  • Understanding Commodities & Real Estate
  • Differentiate Primary & Secondary Securities Markets
  • Code of Ethics and Conduct in Financial Markets



  • Business undergrads, MBA’s, Investment Bankers, Private Equity, Hedge Fund and VC professionals, Equity Research, Asset Management professionals, Corporate Finance and Business Development professionals.


Course Duration, Investment & Timings

  • Total Duration: 12 Hours
  • Investment: 20,000
  • Timings: Saturday


For Registration, Contact
Call: +92 346 5482 657
Call: +92 332 0231 797


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